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“I wish I were a glow worm, a glow worms never glum. ‘Cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?!”
How To Be A Heartbreaker: Chapter 1.

How To Be A Heartbreaker

Harry is a helpless romantic in love with a boy who is playing with his heart. Louis has many fuck buddies. Harry being one of them. He wasn’t suppose to fall in love. He wasn’t suppose to be the one who got heart broken.

 a/n: Inspired by the song ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’ by  Marina and the Diamonds.

Warning: Smut. 

Music video of the song here.

Rule number 1: You gotta’ have fun.But baby when you’re done, you gotta’ be the first to run.

Louis smiled into the taller boys green eyes. “You know if you would have told me earlier we could have been doing this a lot more.”

A dusted rose tint appeared on Harry’s cheeks. “I didn’t know if you liked me back…” Harry’s eyes glanced down to the floor of the crowded closet. Louis smirked tugging Harry by the collar. “Why are your clothes still on?” He tip toed slightly, latching his lips into Harry’s neck, causing the younger boy to tilt his head in response. Eyes fluttering shut.

This was the fifth hook up that Louis has had with Harry.

It was just about a month ago that they were both at a party. They weren’t close. They just had mutual friends. It began with a drunken Harry, pulling Louis aside and confessing his love to him. Saying how he’s had eyes on the boy for a past year. Then Harry’s face turning purple and puking in the bushes. It was kind of cute.

Louis was not a relationship kind of guy.

He was a gentleman though and offered to take Harry back to his place so he could sober him up.



Harry felt the slight headache coming as he took small bites of the bread Louis had offered him.

“Sorry, I hope…I didn’t puke on you, did I?” Harry’s mind was still clouded with alcohol but he does remember he made the stupid decision of telling Louis he loves him. Or really likes him. He doesn’t remember his exact words.

“Are your parent’s home?” He asked warily remembering he’s been here once or twice for one of Louis infamous parties when the Tomlinson’s were out of town.

“No and No.” Louis smiled sitting down next to the curly haired boy. “How you feeling?” he asked a cold hand pressing against Harry’s forehead.

“Better now.” Harry’s cheeks tinted bright red at any slight touches Louis gave him. “What I said earlier.” Harry began looking away from Louis.

“Ah, yes. How you’ve been pinning for me, for about a year now.” Louis couldn’t hold back the smirk. Harry’s cheeks turned redder, the tip of his ears mimicking a slight red.

“I umm…”

“Harry it’s fine. Boys and girls swoon over me all the time.”

This was true, even though Louis preferred boys way more then girls, a lot of people in school wanted nothing more to be the center of attention to Louis blue eyes. To bad, Louis doesn’t do relationships. It might be the fact that his parents are recently divorced leaving him with his dad as his little sisters took their mom’s side. Louis just never really believed in love to begin with. So he preferred hooking up rather then making something ‘facebook’ official.

“I know…” Harry looked down realizing that how could he ever have a chance with Louis.

Louis rolled his eyes at how adorable Harry was being. He had a big ‘innocent helpless romantic’ vibe to him. Louis could not pass up this chance to have a little fun.

Louis being the bold lad that he is, leaned closer to Harry, placing a hand on his knee.

“A year huh?” he asked eyes darting down to Harry’s lap as his hand rose up his thigh.

Harry’s eyes widened as he looked over at Louis. “Yeah…” He licked his lips, his throat suddenly going dry.

“What do you like best about me?” Louis toyed his hand up and down Harry’s thighs impressed with the growing bulge in his trousers.

“Umm… uhh” Harry’s mind clouded, not with alcohol but just in general. How could he even make a sentence with Louis touching him like this?

“English dear” Louis smirked, nosing at Harry’s neck. His lips traced over every pulse that was going way to fast for him to even keep count.

“Your humor…” Harry whispered frozen as Louis lips traced little wet kisses down his neck. He could not believe this was happening. A couple hours ago he was completely out of Louis radar as the older boy sipped beer and danced with friends that Harry could never be friends with. The fact was that Louis was friends with everyone, including the most popular people in school.

Because Louis was the most popular boy in school.

“My humor? I would have said my bum.” Louis caught some of Harry’s skin between his teeth beginning to make a lovebite on the boy.

“Y-your bum too.” Harry rasped out as he bit back a moan. “E-everything about you really… Your eyes too…” Now Harry was rambling. “Maybe how nice you are to everyone.”

Louis smiled finishing the bright red mark on Harry’s neck. “You flatter me, Styles.”

Harry flushed a deeper color, his face dusted with a slight shade of red all over. Harry looked at Louis once Louis hand was placed over the very noticeable bulge on top of his trousers.

“Louis…” That’s all Harry could say. What else could he say? Louis hushed him, attaching his lips to the red ones in front of him. Good thing that Louis let Harry borrow a tooth brush to get rid of the puke taste that lingered in his mouth. Louis lowered Harry down to the bed, straddling the boy as he won dominance over the kiss.

“Top or bottom?” Louis asked. His hands roamed up Harry’s shirt slipping it over his head.

Harry gulped as he looked away. “I’ve never…”

Louis raised an eyebrow. “Really? So what, I’ll be your first?”

Harry looked up at Louis. “We’re having sex?”

“I was hoping to get that message across. Was I not clear?” Louis smirked as he unbuttoned his own shirt tossing it to the side.

Harry’s eyes widened. He’s never had sex, ever. Not even with a girl. And now he was going to loose his virginity to the boy he’s sworn to be in love with over a year.

Louis sat on Harry’s thighs as he played with the curls on top of the now sober boy.

“We don’t have too.” He said holding down an annoyed look.

“No!” Harry protested. “I-I mean… I just, don’t… I don’t know.” Harry looked away.

Louis smiled down at the pure innocence of the taller boy. “I’ll make it good for you baby.”

Louis was not letting Harry leave while he had a case of blue balls. His lips latched to one of Harry’s collar bones. Peppering kisses over his chest.

Harry’s heart fluttered with the sound of being called ‘baby’.



That’s how Louis took Harry’s virginity. Making Louis, Harry’s first everything.

“Lou, what if we get caught?” Harry asked, as his Louis started to lower himself on his knees.

“Then we get caught. Be a little rebellious, Styles.”

It took a flick of his thumb to have the button on Harry’s trousers undone. He wasted now time, eloping Harry’s very impressive cock into his mouth. Harry bit at his bottom lip holding down a moan.

Louis smiled up at Harry. His hand going up to toy at Harry’s balls. Harry groaned as his hand snaked its way through Louis feathered hair.

He bobbed his head up and down Harry’s shaft, Louis had to admit. If he ever had the chance to give himself a blowjob he would so take it. He’s had many boys come undone just by his mouth. Harry being one of them.

Louis cheeks hollowed out as his eyes fluttered shut in slight moan, sending shivering vibrations up Harry’s spine. Harry had such a pretty cock. It was kind of perfect. Perfect in length and girth. Clean and tinted pink. Louis was such a cockslut in general. But he was willing to get down on his knees any time of the day for Harry. Just because of how pretty his cock was. Of course that didn’t happen because Louis wasn’t that desperate. An obscene pop came from Louis mouth, as he backed away taking in a breath. Looking up at Harry while he stroked him, he smirked at how the small beads of sweat formed in his head telling him not to come to quick.

“You okay baby?” Louis asked leaning over to mark Harry’s hip bone.

Harry looked down blinking his blown hazed eyes down at Louis.

“Y-yeah… you’re just so good at this.” He gave a wary smile as he groaned at how good Louis hands were on him.

Louis smirked planting little stinging nips all over Harry’s lower stomach, working him with his hand. “You’ll be a good boy and come for me right? Promise to not get me messy?” Louis asked, going back to Harry’s delicious cock. Giving teasing kitten licks on his slit.

Harry bit at the back of his hand as a muffled moan escaped his lips. “Let me touch you… Please.” Harry wanted to please Louis too. He was extremely submissive when it involved Louis. Louis rolled his eyes at how tender Harry wanted to be. He took Harry in all the way down to his throat managing not to choke. His cheeks hollowed out one last time before Harry was coming in his mouth. Harry groaned head smacking the wooden door of the small closet. He shook in pleasure all over as Louis sucked him dry from his orgasm.

Louis stood up wiping the back of his hand across his mouth. “Good boy.” Louis praised, he tip toed planting a soft kiss on Harry’s mouth. Harry grimaced at the taste of himself. “What do you want me to do?” He asked, still a bit hazy as he came down from his high.

“Nothing. We both know you get tired after you come.” Louis smiled as he tucked Harry back in buckling up his pants. He was going for the door handle when Harry stopped him.

“Wait.” Harry said, fingers eloping Louis impressive biceps.

“What?” Louis raised an eyebrow just wanting to get out of the cramped closet.

“My parents will be gone this weekend, their visiting Gemma at uni—”


“My sister…”

Louis didn’t bother remembering nothing that wasn’t important to him. “Ahh.” He gave a fake smile going for the door again.

“You should come over… we can watch a movie.” Harry suggested hopeful.

Louis could have awed at how adorable Harry was being. Asking him out on a date. Louis raised an eyebrow, his face this time not hiding the eye roll.

“If you want…” Harry added as he looked down at the ground not expecting that expression. Louis and him were very sexual, but not very personal. The only things he really knew about him was what he heard in school. You’d expect that he would know more by now.

“As fun as pg 13 under produced movies with cheap popcorn at your house sound. I’ll pass. I’m going to Zayn’s party this weekend.” Louis went to the door handle again shaking Harry off of him.

“Oh.” Harry bit at his bottom lip, sadness forming into his voice. Louis rolled his eyes again as he turned back to Harry. “You should come.” He added, leaning up to kiss Harry on his lips.

Harry smiled into the kiss, not getting to kiss back before Louis pulled away.

Louis walked out of the closet, perfect timing as the bell rung signaling for his next class. He smiled as he walked up to his friend Liam who was waiting for him by his locker.

“What’s wrong with the puppy?” He asked as he looked at Liam’s crossed arms and worried face. Opening up his locker and getting his books for his next class he looked over at Liam.

“You took Harry’s virginity?” he hushed whispered, surprised that Louis would do such a thing. Mutual friends. Liam was one of those mutual friends. Not that Harry went out and partied much, but when he did. He’d always go to whatever party Liam was invited too. Liam was just as popular as Louis, star athlete.

“Gossip moves fast.” Louis smirked closing his locker shut, leaning against it, raising an eyebrow at Louis displeased face. “What?”

“He told me.” He sighed looking at the ground, then back up at Louis. “He really likes you.”

“Trust me, I know. He’s pinned after me for about a year now.”

“He thinks you guys are something…” Liam eyebrows furrowed when he saw Louis looking past his shoulder. He followed his eyes seeing Harry leaving the closet.

“Don’t be absurd. I’ve made sure to make this purely sexual between us.” Louis spoke. He eyed the tall boy up and down ready for seconds.

“Oh my god. You two didn’t?” Liam said in disgust.

“It was just a blowjob Payne. We both know how much you like those from me.” Louis knocked his hips against Liam for a second.

“That was one time.” He hissed. Both boys looked back at Harry as he gave a small smile and wave to both his friends… Or his friend and… boyfriend?

Louis winked at Harry blowing a kiss to the younger lad. Making him blush looking away for second before walking the opposite way to his next class.

Liam turned back at Louis a frown at his face. “Things like that. You’re giving him wrong signals. Frankly, you shouldn’t be giving him any signals at all. Please don’t hurt him.” Liam pleaded, puppy eyes looking at Louis cold blue ones.

Another eye roll came from Louis. “You make this sound like a tragic love story. We’re fuck buddies. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t worry Payne. I’ll get bored of him before you know it.” Louis leaned over kissing Liam in the cheek. “I wont play for to long.”

Which was true. Louis of course had many other fuck buddies on the side lines, but whenever there was a main one. Like Harry is at the moment. He’d get tired of the quickly after.

He always has fun, but once it’s done. He’s off on a run.

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