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“I wish I were a glow worm, a glow worms never glum. ‘Cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?!”
How To Be A Heartbreaker: Chapter 2.
How To Be A Heartbreaker

Harry is a helpless romantic in love with a boy who is playing with his heart. Louis has many fuck buddies. Harry being one of them. He wasn’t suppose to fall in love. He wasn’t suppose to be the one who got heart broken.

 a/n: Inspired by the song ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’ by  Marina and the Diamonds.

Warning: Smut. Other ships that arent larry.

Rating: NC-17

Music video of the song here.

If you have not read chapter 1 please click here.


I wanted to put in chapter two up! So sorry if it seems rush.

Rule number 2:  Don’t get attached to someone you could lose.

Harry walked behind Liam, who offered him a ride to the party at a boy named Zayn’s house. Liam has been going off about this boy left and right.

“Harry, stay sober this time yeah?” Liam asked as he turned back to Harry. Harry blushed as he looked away. “Well, it didn’t go that bad last time.” Harry smiled at the thought of the night he lost his virginity.


Harry was holding onto his breath. He’s glad Louis didn’t keep fingering him or else he would have come too soon, and that would have been  embarrassing.

“You okay?” Louis asked, he was in-between Harry’s legs, lined up ready to take Harry’s virginity. He loved virgins; they were always so tight.

Harry released the breath he was holding, looking up with pupil blown eyes at Louis he nodded his head.  Louis leaned over catching Harry’s lips in his as he slid in a bit. Harry winced, tightening up at the sudden intrusion which was much bigger than Louis fingers.

“Shh, s’okay. Relax babe.”

Harry’s eyes fluttered with love, doing as Louis told him so.

“It hurts.” Harry whined. Louis nipped at Harry’s bottom lip. “Want more lube?” he asked. Harry shook his head no. “It’s fine. Just hurts.”

“Tends to happen when you’re a virgin.” Louis smirked, kissing Harry’s neck as he moved in a bit deeper. Harry yelped in pain. “Stop, stop, stop.”

Louis bit down an eye roll as he stopped. “Tell me when.”

Harry took in a couple deep breaths trying to relax. He tilted his head up catching Louis into a soft kiss. Louis lips stayed still, wishing there was more fucking rather then fluff going on.

“Okay.” Harry sighed.

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” Harry nodded.


“Earth to Harry! I don’t need to know what you and Louis did.” Liam crossed his arms going over to find some water. Harry followed as he looked around for Louis.

“Umm can I ask you something?” Harry asked.

“You just did.” Liam eyes crinkled at his joke.


“Kidding! Sure, what is it?” Liam asked.

Harry chewed on his bottom lip. “Louis and I… we’ve done a lot of things.”

“Harry I don’t need to know these things.”

“Just listen!” Harry crossed his arms, his cheeks blowing out hot air in frustration.

“Fine, sorry.” Liam scanned the room whilst listening to Harry, trying to find Zayn.

“We’ve done lots of things… but not like hung out or something. Whenever I ask he always has to go do something. Horrible timing really.” Harry blushed looking down at the ground.

Liam looked over at Harry. Apparently Louis didn’t make it clear enough that this was just sexual.

“Uhh… invite him over to hang out then.” Liam suggested.

“I’ve tried…but he’s always busy.” Harry chewed on his bottom lip looking around for Louis.

“Well… I guess because he’s so busy you know being…Louis.” Liam wanted to leave this conversation. Now scanning the room for Louis so he could scold him. His eyes found both the people he was looking for. Louis and Zayn.

Both boys held beer in their hands as their bodies stayed pressed against each other into such a provocative dance, if they didn’t have clothes on it could be classified as porn.

Harry’s eyes followed Liam’s. His lips faltered into a slight frown.

Louis smiled into the darker haired boy eyes. His free hand grasped into the dark hair as his hips grinded down against Zayn’s. Zayn bent his head down, lips going to attack Louis neck.

Louis scolded him, bringing his head up. “Malik, we both know I don’t get marked. I mark.” Louis looked around trying to find the closest room possible.

His eyes landed on Liam’s then followed the curls behind him. Harry. Louis smirked at the younger boy. “In second thought. Ravish me Malik.”

Zayn smirked, lips going down to Louis neck. Louis head tilted to the back giving Zayn more space to bite and lick. Harry watched the whole ordeal as Louis eyes stayed glued to his. Louis rolled his eyes to the back of his head, letting out a pornographic moan out from his lips.

Harry’s eyes watered. “I… air.” Was all he said as he walked away from Liam. He hid tears as he found the back door to Zayn’s back yard. Louis smiled as he pushed Zayn off of him. Liam wasn’t as hurt as Harry. He did like Zayn yes, but he knew that Louis liked to hook up with all his friends. He walked up to both of them. Zayn fixed his hair as he smiled up at Liam. “Hey hot stuff.” Zayn greeted.

“Talk now.” Liam grabbed at Louis wrist pulling him away, before he did he tip toed slightly catching Zayn’s lips in his. “Bad.” He frowned at his laughing boyfriend.

Finally in the quietness of one of Zayn’s room’s. Liam crossed his arms, disappointment etched in his face.

“Don’t be mad. You didn’t come here soon enough and your boyfriend and I were bored.” Louis defended.

“This isn’t about you and Zayn!” Liam crossed his arms for a second before he punched Louis in the shoulder.

Wincing Louis grabbed at his shoulder. “What was that for?”

“For you and Zayn.” Liam shrugged it off knowing Louis ways.

“Well you didn’t even tell me you were official. Its not like you’ve never cheated on your past relationships before.” Louis crossed his arms eyeing Liam up and down.

“That was once, and I was drunk! And you were horny! Can we let it go?” Liam crossed his arms as his cheeks turned pink. Louis was such a slut that Liam couldn’t even be mad at him.

“That’s not what I’m here to talk to you about. Harry thinks you guys are a thing.”

Louis scoffed as he fixed his fringe. “Course he does. He’s loved me for a year.”

“Louis. I’m serious. Stop this. You can’t hurt him.”

“I won’t.” Louis gave his signature eye roll. “I did all of that so we could have some hot make up sex. I need that pretty pink cock in my ass already.”

Liam eyes crinkled in disgust. “I don’t need to know these things!”

“The worst that can happen is Harry realizing that we will never be a thing. Getting over me and finding a good loyal boyfriend…or girlfriend in the long run.” Louis started for the door. “Good thing I saw you, cause I was ready to fuck your boyfriend.” Winking, Louis slipped out the door to find Harry.


They started a slow rhythm. “God, y-you’re so good at this Louis.”  Harry moaned as Louis rocked into him. Louis praised  Harry with a few more lovebites to his battered colored neck.

Harry was actually a good fuck. His hips did jerk and spurt at random moments. Inexperienced of course. But he kept up with the rhythm. At times bucking up to Louis hips, taking him in deeper. Harry was close. He didn’t want to come though.

“I’m gonna come soon. P-please don’t let me, this is to good.” Harry whined as his hands grasped to Louis biceps. Louis hushed Harry in flow of kisses. “It’s okay baby, you’re doing so good. Such a good fuck. So tight for me.”

“Just for you.” Harry moaned hips jerking slightly as a slight shiver of a pre-orgasm warning came.  Louis kissed Harry’s swollen bottom lip. “It’s okay if you come baby. We’ll be doing this more then once, love.”

Harry gasped at all the sweet names. His legs wrapped around Louis dainty waist pulling him in deeper.

“Louis, I.. I lo—“ Louis stopped him from finishing his words as he took him into a rough kiss. Hips suddenly picking up pace in a rapid motion.

Harry screamed at the sudden change. It burned and stung…and actually didn’t feel good at all. He was letting out a stream of ‘ah, ah, fuck, fuck!, uh, uh, ah” slight screams from his perfect mouth. The discomfort soon turned inot pleasure as he was wanting more from the older boy.


“Harry?” Louis asked as he found the boy outside far away in his backyard, near Zayn’s pool house. Some people were in the pool others having heated make out sessions.

Harry wiped his eyes with the back of his hand before turning around. His bottom lip quivered when his eyes landed on the mark Zayn had made.

“What’s wrong baby?” Louis asked innocently stepping forward. Harry put his hands up stepping away.

Louis wanted anger from the boy not self pity.

“Don’t be such a priss. I was having a bit off fun. Liam didn’t think much off it.”

Harry swallowed at the lump on his throat as he looked into the blue eyes he could have sworn he was in love with…or is.

“I just don’t understand.” Harry looked at the ground completely hurt.

It’s a good thing Harry had such a beautiful cock, other wise Louis would have given up already on the love struck teen.

“What don’t you understand baby?” Louis asked as he stepped closer to Harry, glad he didn’t back away. Taking another broad step, he toyed with the pretty curls on top of Harry’s head.

“You and Zayn…”

“You didn’t like it?” Louis questioned as his hand played with the innocent tight curls.

Harry looked up, stepping away from Louis eyes blown with fury.

Louis held down the smile finally glad he’s riled up the boy.

“Actually no. I don’t like him marking you! None the less when he has a boyfriend! And the fact that you enjoyed it too!” Harry’s voice rose the more he spoke.

“Well how bout you fuck me so good and remind me who I belong too?” Louis purred pushing Harry away from the crowd of people to the near by pool house.

Zayn was rich none the less.

Locking the door behind them, Harry was more hurt then anything and now confused, but he wanted to please Louis. And remind him that Louis was his and only his. If only Harry knew. Harry was the broad one now. He kissed Louis harder then he ever has. Pushing him down on the couch, he straddled his lap. Louis moaned into the kiss.

“Please fuck me, please tell me who I belong too. Please remind me.” Louis begged like an innocent whore.

Harry’s hand began to shake with nerves. He’s been fucked by Louis loads of times. But he’s never done any of the fucking.

He looked at Louis with worry in his eyes ready to protest against it but Louis stopped him in the midst of his thoughts.

“If you don’t fuck me. I’m sure, Zayn can do your bidding for you.”

Harry growled at Louis words. He physically ripped up one of Louis favorite shirts. The button up shirt now holding no more buttons, now the buttons were spilled on the floor from Harry tearing his shirt apart. His mouth began biting and nipping. Not being delicate at all. He tugged at Louis trousers wanting them off as soon as possible. Louis didn’t want his pants ruined, so he easily tugged his tight jeans down, kicking them off with his feet. Harry stood up for a second, tugging his briefs and pants off. Shirt falling to the floor with all the other clothes.

“All in one go?” Louis asked.

Harry glared at the boy picking up his jeans, fishing out for a condom and lube. Recently bought since he’s now sexually active. Louis praised Harry with how prepared he was by letting his underwear fall to the ground with the pile of clothes. He stood up, pulling Harry into a kiss, as he took the condom from him.

Rolling on the condom, he ripped the little packet of lube as he stroked Harry with it. “How do you want me baby?” Louis purred. Harry didn’t speak; he turned Louis around, pushing him down on the couch. Louis smiled at the roughness. He stuck his ass out as he clamped down on the headboard of the couch, knees on the cushions as he made himself comfortable. “No prep, just fuck. K?” Louis asked turning his head over his shoulder so he could look at Harry.

Harry didn’t need to be told twice. He lined himself up, taking out a breath as he pushed all the way into Louis. The heat and tightness could have had him coming right their. Louis choked out a moan. This was so worth hurting Harry’s feelings for. “Such a good cock baby, please fuck me.” Louis moaned like those bad actresses in porno’s. Louis was use to being fucked with out perpetration. He enjoyed the burning sensation that would soon turn to pleasure in no time.

Harry bent forward nipping at the back of Louis neck as he slid out, only to slam down again.

Harry began a steady pace, completely un-experienced. But he wasn’t bad at all. He was better then most that Louis has had before.  He pushed back to each thrust. “Harder.” He demanded as his head hung low in pleasure.  Harry slammed his hips every now and then unsure if it was okay with Louis. Louis, as pleased as he was at the moment, wanted more. He spread his legs farther apart as he moaned loudly.

“Fuck, fuck me harder, please, please, fuck me harder, Zayn!” Louis moaned out Zayn’s name purposely. Harry felt hurt…then outraged.

“I’m not Zayn! He’s not fucking you! I am!” Slamming against Louis so hard, it literally took Louis breath away. He rammed into him repeatedly hitting his prostate with each thrust. Harry yanked at Louis hair hard as he slammed into the smaller boy, not able to last long. The hurt he was feeling was turned into some really hot hate/make up sex. Harry kept a hand steady on one of Louis hips, clawing down on Louis back, leaving a hot red trail of nail marks down Louis spine. Louis moaned at the burning sensation of the hard fuck and stinging burn of Harry scratching him. Louis was a withering mess of moans.

Louis was breathless with a streaming moans of ‘yes, Harry, yes’.

Louis was also the first one to come, which was rare. Harry rode out Louis orgasm lasting a bit longer before his hips jerked as he came. He bent down lips on Louis neck. Breathless as he felt the burn in his thighs. Louis turned his head smiling, “Kiss me.” He said softly.

Harry smiled, leaning up to kiss Louis lightly on the lips. Sliding out, Harry winced at the loss of Louis amazing bum. Louis smiled turning around, catching Harry’s arms as he went to grab his clothes. “Come here baby.” Louis said tugging Harry closer.

Harry obliged as his cheeks were tinted hot with redness. Louis wrapped arms around Harry’s neck. “Sorry if I hurt you.” Louis nosed at Harry’s neck, unsure of why he was apologizing. He should be getting dressed leaving Harry with hurtful or hopeful words for their next fucking. Instead he was taking the time to apologize? Even Louis didn’t understand what he was doing.

Harry blinked innocent eyes down at Louis. “It’s okay… you weren’t doing anything bad… you deserve to have fun at parties.” Harry smiled catching Louis into a soft kiss. Louis kissed back pulling Harry closer. Louis wasn’t big on kissing, but Harry had amazing lips. He couldn’t pass them up. Louis pushed Harry away, ignoring a light ping at the bottom of his stomach. He reached for his clothes, getting dressed.

“I really liked that shirt by the way.” Louis frowned as he buttoned up his shirt from the buttons that were left. Leaving his chest exposed to the world.

Harry blushed looking down at the ground. “Sorry…I just…”

“It was worth it.” Louis slipped his pants and trousers on looking back at Harry who was hopping in one leg as he slipped his pants back on. Louis should have left the door leaving a snarky remark or a hopeful remark letting Harry be doe eyed by the boy for days. But instead he laughed as he buttoned  up Harry’s pants for him, picking his shirt from the ground and tugging Harry back into it.

“I can get dressed myself.” Harry smiled by the small gestures Louis gave him. Louis rolled his eyes. “Well you undressed me, so I get to re-dress you.” Louis stuck out his tongue in defense. Harry chuckled as he looked down at Louis.

“Lou, I was wondering” Harry began.

He was going to ask Louis out to another date.

Louis could sense it.

Louis wasn’t leaving the room.

Louis was fixing his fringe waiting for Harry’s words.

“Maybe you’d like to come over sometime… I make really good chips.” Harry bit down on his bottom lip hoping that Louis would agree.

Louis was not leaving yet.

Louis was not declining yet.

Louis was agreeing.

“Sure.” Louis smiled up at Harry ignoring the small pings at the bottom of his stomach. “Maybe whenever your parents aren’t home. I do like food after sex yeah?” Louis made a beeline out of the room as soon as possible.

Harry smiled now that Louis finally agreed to go out with him. But felt a bit confused. Louis tried leaving the room as soon as possible, maybe he just needed to tend back to the party.


Louis sat by the toilet, letting the last spit like vomit out of his system. He flushed the toilet quickly as he washed his hands and brushed his teeth with Zayn’s toothbrush. Louis felt wrong. He felt sick.

He slipped out his phone hoping to fix his mistake as soon as possible.

‘On second thoughts. I kind of hate chips. Maybe some other time. xx.’

He sent the text to Harry as he looked up at his pale face.

Things like this don’t happen to Louis. The lovestruck teen was affecting him to much.

What better way to get over some misunderstood feelings by flushing them out your system.

Tonight would be the night that Louis would get so shit face he would hardly remember what he did in the morning.

This is the night that Louis has sex with two more people. Neither, being Harry.

This is the night that Harry decided to go home early hurt once again by the sudden decline of plans on Louis behalf.

This is the night Louis thought he was getting attached to someone he would lose.

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