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“I wish I were a glow worm, a glow worms never glum. ‘Cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?!”
Lana Del Rey inspire One Shot: Serial Killer


Serial Killer

One shot: Inspired by the song Serial Killer by Lana Del Rey

Summary: Love kills.

Pair: Louis/Harry

Rating: R

word count: 6.5k

Warnings: Smut, characters death, rape, this is really dark and portrays harry as a killer (lunitc, psychopathy, sociopath..etc) So don’t read if you’re not intrested in any of these things.

Click her to listen to the song.

picture credit: louistmlns (I just added text to it, so it’s not mine.)

Wish I may, wish I might, find my one true love tonight

Harry looked at his hands. He could see the green and blue colored veins through his light skin. He pushed on one of the veins on his wrist slightly, watching as the color droned out of the vein before he released his grip.


Do you think he could be you?


Harry saw him first. He spotted him out of everyone in the bar. He was with a friend, because that friend was with a person that they were in a relationship in. He was the third wheel. His bright cerulean eyes from across the room, was what Harry saw first. When the sky colored met with the envious green ones, it was as if Harry’s stomach exploded.

He ducked his head down, smiling back down at his hands. He was studying the little lines on each of his knuckles when he heard a voice that sounded, not even like an angel, but like a god.

“Is this seat taken?”

Harry looked up and shook his head no; He bit at the edges of his mouth till he tasted the metallic blood that swirled around his tongue slightly.

“I’m Louis by the way.” The boy began talking, “I saw you sitting here all alone—-to be honest. I’m kind of here alone tonight too. Sort of like a—”

“Third wheel. I saw you too.” Harry swallowed the bits of blood that pooled around the saliva in his mouth.


If I pray really tight


 “Harry, stop it. You’re being ridiculous.” Louis tried to pry Harry out of the scene he was causing.

“He has a fucking name, he’s not some animal that you can fucking ravish with your eyes.” Harry spat at the man before him.

“It’s a gay bar, what do you expect? I was admiring from afar.” The smug look on the man’s face left quickly when Harry’s fist met into the man’s face.


Get into a fake bar fight, while we’re walking down the avenue


“You’re such a dumbass.” Louis hissed under his breath as he held to Harry’s arm tightly. Both his arms curled tightly around the younger boy.

“I just…really didn’t like the way they were staring at you. When it was obvious that you were with me.” Harry pouted as he held the icepack they got from a near by Tesco’s a few blocks down.

“Lemme’ see it.” Louis picked at the freezing bag, staring at the two bruises forming in Harry’s face. One under his eye, the other on his lip.

“Baby” Louis whined, leaning up to kiss each bruise with the lightest kiss possible. “No more fights okay, I don’t like violence.”

Harry winced slightly under each touch of Louis lips. He smiled as he nodded knowing he could have very well hurt the guy. Worse then that pussy punch he left on the man’s eye. But his plan on Louis’ pitying him worked and now he was getting all of Louis attention and that’s all Harry wants.


If I lay really quiet I know that what I do isn’t right, I can’t stop what I have to do


Louis held hands with Harry across the table, giving him the biggest heart eyes. “You’re so perfect for planning this.”

Harry smiled, eyes glancing behind Louis shoulder for a second.

“I want everything for you to be perfect, look at the menu. I have to go use the loo.” Harry placed a soft kiss on Louis perfect little hands, right in between middle and ring finger knuckles. Louis eyes fluttered slightly at the affection before he picked up the leather binded menu of the very high priced restaurant they were at.


So I murder love in the night


“Can I help you?” Harry asked sweetly as he took the empty seat in front of a boy, young he was, in the restaurant.

“Excuse me?” The boy blushed as he met eyes with the attractive boy in front of him.

“I said, ‘can I help you?’” Harry repeated, this time voice becoming pliant. “You haven’t stopped staring at myboyfriend since we got in here.”

The boy blinked a couple times as he looked down, “He just reminds me of my ex boyfriend. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.” The boy apologized, not wanting to meet eyes with the intense glare Harry was giving him.

“Don’t fucking look at him again you got it? He’s mine. Not yours.” Standing up, Harry pulled at his blazer as he saw the gawking face on the younger boy. “You’ll regret it if you do.”


Watching them fall one by one they fight. Do you think you’ll love me too, oh, oh?


“Louis!” Harry’s eyes had gone wide as he knocked on the door repeatedly. With a snap, the door was open. Louis shaking his head in disappointed. “Harry, how could you? That boy was going to have dinner with his father. He was coming back from the war, and he wanted to treat his father well. How dare you speak to him like that?” Louis crossed his arms. “The boy was scared, as if you threatened his life.”

Harry closed his eyes when he felt his nails sink into the flesh of his skin. The droplets of blood skimmed there way under Harry’s nails easily.

“He’s over reacting…I asked him nicely to please stop staring at you, I was the one scared for your life!”

Louis shook his head in disbelief. “Baby, honestly. I never really thought I got much attention but it’s like ever day you get in a mood if someone even blinks at me.”

“I just don’t want you to look back. I don’t want to loose you.” Harry’s bottom lip quivered as he hid the smile when he felt his vision getting fuzzed by the tears that easily appeared.

“Baby, no. Don’t cry. I would never.” Louis pulled Harry into a tight embrace. Kissing his chest sweetly, Louis tip toed slightly to press his lips against Harry’s.

“You won’t ever loose me.”

“I know. I’ll make sure, I ever wont.”


Baby, I’m a sociopath, Sweet serial killer on the warpath, Cause I love you just a little too much


“How did you find me?” The boy’s bottom lip quivered as he stared at the sullen green eyes he had forgotten about last week.

Harry batted innocent lashes to the boy in front of him. “I tracked you by your credit card.”

“H-how’d you do that?” The boys’ steps kept going back, unaware that he was falling into Harry’s trap.

“The restaurant thought we looked a like. I just had to act like you. Naïve. Stupid. Speak, when it was clear to keep my mouth shut.”

The boy choked slightly when he realized his back was pressed against the dirty brick wall of the alley.

“Please, I have money.” The boy piped aiming for his pocket.

“I don’t want it. You know what you did?” Harry growled, snapping the boys hand away, holding it tight over his head.

The boy shook his head, gulping thickly as he felt his heartbeat quicken pace.

“I had to leave Louis flat early. You remember Louis right? My boyfriend, the one you were bitching about me at when he went to the loo. Unexpectly meeting up with you.”

“I-I’m sorry!” The boy cried helplessly.

“Are you though? Are you really sorry? Louis didn’t kiss me good night. I hate not having his love or affection, and you know what really pissed me off?” Harry questioned as the boy winced when he felt the iron clad grip on his arm.

“His thoughts were on you. Not me.”

“It won’t h-happen again! Please, please don’t hurt me.”

“Of course it won’t. I’m only going to teach you a little lesson.”

The boy’s eyes widened, as he blinked back tears when he saw his reflection on the switch blade Harry had at the young boys’ throat.

“You spoke, when not spoken too right. You started the conversation first right?”

The boy was past the verge of tears as he sobbed loudly, nodding his head.

“There are pressure points. In our throats. Connected from where we talk.” Harry began. “I’m gonna make sure you stay quite for a while.”

The boy gasped as he felt a hot trickle of his own blood run down his throat when the knife jabbed at his breakable skin.


Cause I love you just a little too much, I love you just a little too much


Harry pressed his nose to the softness of Louis skin mumbling reassuring words.

“Harry, a murder. When I saw the boys’ face; the picture they put up on the news—- do you remember him? He was the one that kept ‘oogling’ at me at the restaurant?”

Harry nodded, “Yeah…we got in a fight over him.”

“I know, but he was found dead this morning…his throat,” Louis took a breath as he shook his head in disbelief. “Robbed. He was robbed. I just can’t believe people will do the things they do for money.”

Harry placed a soft kiss to Louis skin. “I’m just scared because I live near to where that happened.”

Louis eyes widened. “Is it a dangerous place?”

Harry shrugged, “I mean…it’s not the safest. But, it’s cheap.”


You can see me drinking cherry cola


“Kiss!” Harry giggled. The heel of his feet smacked against the wooden pantry doors of the kitchen. Harry was sitting on the counter as Louis smiled to the boy who recently moved in with him.

It was sort of a whim thing to do. Louis did truly loved Harry, and to know that Harry lived in an unsafe place really upset Louis.

Louis tip toed, catching the cherry cola tasting lips into his mouth. Harry loved the drink so much; he even bought the chapstick that matched the taste.

“Love you.” Harry pecked Louis lips in a pop kiss as he laced fingers with the boy in front of him. “A lot.”

“I do too, baby.” Louis smiled at the mop of curly haired that tickled his face slightly.

“How much?” Harry taunted.

“More then oxygen.” Louis teased, “How much do you love me?”

“Enough to kill.”


Sweet serial killer I left a love note, Said you know I love the thrill of the rush, You know I love the thrill of the rush


Louis rubbed his eyes lazily, frowning at the little paper in his hands.

‘Off to a morning jog x. B back later. Love you.’

Louis sighed, as his stomach grumbled with hunger. He rang Harry a couple times to hear his voice asking to leave a message after the tone.


Harry eyed the boys that he saw the first night he met Louis. A beautiful warm toned boy with eyes that was surprisingly clear to be brown. Along with a lighter skinned boy, with bright blue eyes. Not as pretty’s as Louis though, and blonde hair, even though the roots deciphered to be brown. Both boys were in a fit of heart eyes as they held hands across the table.



My black fire’s burning bright, Maybe I’ll go out tonight


After dating and living together for at least three months, Louis wanted to introduce Harry to his friends.

“Promise no fighting tonight?” Louis pouted, slightly realizing that Harry had a slight jealousy issue. 

“It happened one time.” Harry mumbled under his breath, “I’m an innocent little boy. Why can’t you see that?” Harry pouted his bottom lip jutting out dramatically.

“Alright, puppy. Just warning you.” Louis smiled pulling Harry in for a kiss, which ended in both boys flustered and deciding whether having amazing sex at home, or going out and having somewhat of a social life.

Louis took the latter, because he already made the plans to begin with. Harry did anything Louis wanted to do.


We can paint the town in blue, I’m so hot, I ignite, dancing in the dark and I shine like a light, I’m luring you


Harry thought that Zayn and Niall, both of Louis friends that he was checking up on a couple days ago at the café were okay. They seemed decent enough. Their eyes stayed on each other, with slight winks and heart eyes. None going to Louis which Harry enjoyed. Zayn was an artist in the making apparently, opening an art gallery in London next fall and Niall was still unsure what he wants to be, taking all the basic required classes at Uni.

It was when Harry’s hands were on Louis’ waist as they dirty danced to the club music when a very drunk blonde, who was also Irish, stumbled into their saucy rhythmic steps.

“Lou! I’m so wasted!” The boy yelled over the music. Louis giggled, but Harry was far from laughing. He noticed every small detail that the blonde lad was doing. The way he clung to Louis slightly sweaty shirt, tugging at the hem so his neck and shoulder exposed slightly; very bright claiming marks that Harry made days ago were still shining on his rightful skin. He also noticed the way the blondes’ lips brushed against the shell of Louis ear as he yelled over the thumping bass of the music.

It was when Harry looked up that he relaxed the muscles of his face. His heartbeat quickened when he saw the darker haired boy named Zayn staring at him. Right in the eyes, staring at the way Harry was glaring at Niall mere seconds ago. Harry swallowed thickly, afraid; as if the boy could hear his thoughts. He knew already, knew the spilled blood that laid in the curly haired boys hands. As if he was telling Harry mentally that he was going to spill all of his dirty secrets to Louis, just so Louis could leave Harry.

Harry could not have that happen. Zayn is a problem in a equation in which Harry knew how to solve.

“Baby!” The blonde smiled as he wrapped his smaller frame into the darker boys’ arms. Harry’s heart nearly dropped when he whispered something into Niall’s ears which just made the blonde quirk an eyebrow before he looked over at Harry, just to bust into laughter as if he was ignoring Zayn’s words.

That made Harry relax slightly, seems like Niall wasn’t as much of a problem as Zayn was.


 Harry heard the familiar angelic voice coming from Louis mouth. It was as if his voice pierced through the room and it was all Harry heard.

“You stopped dancing.” Louis pouted.

“Got a bit distracted.” Harry replied as he fell back into the rhythm, purring into Louis ear every time his bum grinded down on Harry’s hips.

“Do you like my friends?” Louis turned so his chest pressed tight against Harry’s as he sneaked his thigh in between Harry’s legs. Keeping their dirty dancing still in rhythm.

“They’re lovely.” Harry replied tightly.


Sneak up on you really quiet, whisper

“Am I what your heart desires?”

Louis turned around, smiling at the boy before him. “Of course.”

“Where do you see us in the future?” Harry asked as he tucked himself under Louis chin. Louis wrapped a lazy arm around Harry’s waist, pulling him in, into their lazy cuddle session.

“In a bigger house.” Louis teased.

“The house would be under the name?” Harry asked.

“Ours of course.” Louis replied, smiling at the thought.

“Our married name right. I’d love to take your name.” Harry looked up at Louis, lifting his head up.

Louis face split, smiling like an idiot as he kissed Harry. “Of course, but I’d rather much hyphen it. Styles-Tomlinson.” Louis replied.


I can be your ingénue, Keep you safe and inspired


Louis held Harry tightly. Tears seeped through the older boy’s lids as he held Harry close.

“Baby… S’okay.” Harry murmured kissing the top of Louis head.

“I don’t even know how Niall is probably t-taking it.” Louis sighed loudly.

It was when the blonde stepped away from the casket that Louis dispersed from Harry to go and hug his friend tightly.

Niall clapped Louis back three times before he pulled away. His face was red and tear stained as he walked over towards Harry.

“Hey.” The Irish croaked.

“I’m so sorry for your loss.” Harry replied, in which the Niall pulled Harry in for a slightly short hug. “Thank you for coming.”

Louis bit his lip, holding it down from it quivering uncontrollably.


“Dearly beloved gathered here today.” Began the minister. Everyone in the room took their seats, Niall waved a short goodbye as he walked back to his and Zayn’s family.

“We are gathered here today, for the sad tragic loss of Zayn Malik.”


The minister began talking, in which Harry zoned out from. The casket was sleek and black, kind of like Zayn’s hair. It was closed though. With the damage done to Zayn it was impossible to even show his face today. Harry had to do it. Zayn was going to tell Louis everything. Harry knew mind reading was false, but even the vibe Zayn gave off was a good enough excuse. Harry couldn’t loose Louis. Not to some idiot who looked at him the wrong way. Harry did it for the love between Louis and himself.




It had been months since Zayn’s brutal death. Someone murdered Zayn; the conclusion was of a robbing. His possessions were stolen and he was just brutally killed. Niall never went into much detail with Louis about it. He was the one that had to identify him anyway, which Louis couldn’t even start to begin how horrible that must be. It was hard at first; the first three months were the toughest. Niall didn’t call as much. Today was one of the days that Louis didn’t show up to his morning classes. Harry had been long gone taking a double shift at the bakery in which he worked at when he wasn’t in school finishing up his major. Louis was that one person that changed their major last minute, which ended him to still be in Uni when he should have been out by now.

The ring of the doorbell put him out of his thoughts.

“Delivery for a Mr. Tomlinson.” The delivery man spoke when Louis opened the door.

“I didn’t order anything…” Louis took the envelope from the man’s hands which by the feel of the paper could tell it was coated with bubble wrap.

“I just need you to sign this.” The man held out a clip board for Louis in which Louis signed easily.

“Wait!” Louis called after the man when he looked at the envelope.

“This is a pair of new flat keys from my boyfriends old flat. This must be a mistake, he moved out of there ages ago.” Louis brows furrowed as he examined the small print in the packaging. “This must be wrong address, maybe the new owners were named after me.”

“What’s his name?” The man asked as he looked over a different clip board.


Yeah, got him right here. Harry Tomlinson. I’m not mistaken; this package was requested to be dropped off here.”



Louis eyed the silver key in his hands as he looked over the letter addressing Harry Tomlinson about his key and lock change request. Louis was so confused. That was the flat that Harry had moved out of months ago when Louis offered for Harry to move with him.

Why would he still be paying for a flat he didn’t live in?

Better question, why was it addressed to Harry Tomlinson? It was flattering, yes. But Harry would have to use his legal name for things like this.

Louis new not to open mail that wasn’t his, in his defense it was labeled for a Mr. Tomlinson.


Baby let your fantasies unwind; We can do what you want to do 


When Louis heard the door open he quickly stuffed the envelope and key into his school messenger bag.

“Hey babe.” Harry chirped as he kissed Louis sweetly in the lips.

“Hey pumpkin’ how was work?” Louis asked, smiling when the boy held his hand and led him to their bedroom.

“Boring. I’m guessing you didn’t go to school today?”

“Yeah…no, I umm… It was one of those days you know?” Louis smile faltered as he thought of Zayn.

“Let’s make you happy then with some sex, yeah?” The younger boy pushed Louis back into the bed, climbing on top of him easily.

Louis thoughts of the mail today and Zayn dispersed as he looked into Harry’s shining green eyes.

“That sounds pleasurable.” Louis smirked as he leaned up to kiss his loving boyfriend.

“Can I ride you?” Harry asked, batting innocent lashes at the smaller boy. “I wanna’ make you feel good.”

Of course like any healthy couple, they both switched on and off, but regardless Louis was always more dominate in which Harry never minded about. It showed that Louis really cared about him, showed how much he loved him.

“Baby, you always make me feel good. You don’t have to ask anyway.” Louis smiled at Harry’s eagerness and submissiveness.

“I know… I just like having your approval on things.”

Louis leaned up to press a pop kiss on Harry’s nose. “You’re so fuckable and adorable, and the same freaking time.”


Harry’s nails clawed at Louis arms as he bounced happily on his cock.

Louis looked up to see Harry’s mouth split slightly as the filthy little grunts and moans he was making fill the room. He looked so perfect, his brown curls sticking slightly to his forehead as his eyes were shut tightly.

“You’re so fucking beautiful when you ride me, you know that right?”

Louis moaned slightly as he tugged Harry for a rough kiss.

The new angle elicited new noises from Harry’s mouth. Both boys stayed with open mouths as no kissing took place except the dirty noises that left there lips.

Harry loved this, loved pleasing Louis. Louis took a hold of Harry’s dick as he jerked him off to the rhythm of Harry’s movements.

“Louis, fuck into me? Please.” Harry asked as he leaned up slightly. “I want you to fuck me really hard, I’m not gonna last long.” The boy whined.

Louis didn’t have to be told twice, he shifted their positions so Harry was now on his back and Louis was on top of him.

“You’re so beautiful baby.” Louis praised, in which Harry smiled at through lidded blissed out eyes. He hiked Harry’s leg up as he found the boys prostate easily.

Harry curled his leg around Louis waist easily as small grunts left his lips from the air being taken out of him. He loved when Louis got so hard on him, slamming down to the point where it hurt slightly but Harry loved pain. He clawed at Louis back, his nails digging bluntly into the tan skin. It seared but Louis didn’t seem to notice. Harry ran his fingers up Louis back to feel tricklets of blood appear on his fingers from where he just marked Louis.

Harry came with a shudder on his stomach, exhaling loudly as he felt Louis prick still hard and taut inside him.

It was at least a minute after when Louis came, shuddering to halt.

He fell on top of the bigger boy, sliding out easily. Harry pooled Louis into his arms easily, kissing the top of his head and throwing the cover over both of themselves.

“Did you scratch me?” Louis asked when he shifted a while later to trace his hands over his back. He winced when he felt his fingers rub through raw flesh.

“I got taken away, but just a bit baby.” Harry mumbled sleepily as he kissed the back of Louis neck.


Just have fun, wanna play you like a gameboy

Curiosity got the best of him. The morning after Louis left a sweet little note to Harry saying he was going to check up and talk to Niall as in he hasn’t seen the boy in a while. He walked stiffly down the corridor of the flat he’s only been to once when he helped Harry move out off. He checked his back this morning to see it had bled the night before because the blood was dry in thin lines down his back where Harry had in fact scratched him.

He turned the silver key into the golden door knob easily. He took a couple steps inside and saw the flat was remotely empty.

Why would Harry still be paying for this? Louis thought. He walked around the small living room and stuck his head in the hallway the was between the kitchen to his room but everything seemed empty. He was going to leave when something caught his attention.

A noise, as if a faucet had been left accidently on and was dripping the last bits of water left. Louis followed the noise to hear it was coming from the bathroom, when he opened the door he saw nothing wrong till he pushed the shower curtain back.

Louis eyes widened as he took a step back, the tub was a light pink color when he noticed it was Harry’s clothes in the tub. The shower wall had, what looked like dry blood hand imprints as if someone was trying to keep their balance.

Louis knew it was blood by the deluded smell, he’s smelt it before when he was first taking a medical class for his first major. Louis took two steps back out of fear when his feet tripped over a basket. Louis eyes widened as a shudder ran through his spine.

He knew the wallet and shoes that laid in the bin. It was Zayn’s. He had given Zayn that wallet as a present ages ago, in which the boy doodled on shamelessly. The art was still there but faded through the years. Not to mention from what Niall told him, when Zayn was found dead he was missing his shoes. Louis saw another wallet, he picked it up and opened it to see a picture of the boy that was found dead in an alley months ago.

Liam Payne, was his name. Louis felt his face loose color as he put all the pieces together. Harry had extreme jealous issues, but he didn’t know they were bad enough to kill. Louis shook, in shock as he knew he had to go talk to Niall. But how could he tell him that Harry had….had killed Zayn?

Or maybe he hadn’t. He doesn’t know for sure, but this is just proof enough in his mind.

He ruffled the bag to see only two other things, wallets and some personal possessions. Again, the faces were extremely familiar. The wallets belonged to men that stared at him the wrong way. All the money was still in each wallet, it’s as if Harry planned an excuse so the murders weren’t looked into further then just a deathly robbery.


I don’t want one, lost the thrill of the same toy

“Where were you?” Were the first words Louis heard when he stepped back into his and Harry’s shared flat. The boy had been gone for hours.

“I told you…I was out with Niall.” Louis forced a fake smile on his face, already planning to say that Niall seemed still pretty wrecked so he was going to spend the night at his house. Which he’s done before when Zayn first passed away, Harry never seemed jealous of Niall and always aloud it.

“Why are you lying to me?” The younger boy frowned, his eyes… Louis didn’t see the shine in them no more. All he saw was a murderer.

“I’m not…” Louis lied.

“You were at my old flat. Why.” Harry demanded to know as he crossed his arms. “Don’t try lying again, I tracked you.”

Possessive issues as well. Harry had a lot of issues.

“You tracked me?” Louis asked, not feeling safe at all. He should have just gone straight to Niall’s.

“You’re phone has GPS. Now tell me why you were there.”

“A key was sent to my name for that old flat, I just went to check out why…”

“That was addressed to me.” Harry snatched the silver key when Louis brought it out shakily.

“Why did it say Harry Tomlinson?” Louis took a step back in fear.

“I changed my name. I told you I wanted your last name.” Harry spoke simply.

“You legally changed your name?” Louis asked.

“Yes. I’m Harry Tomlinson, I don’t think it’s such a big deal.”

“Just like you killing people isn’t a big deal?” Louis spoke exasperated as he shook, wishing he never came her in the first place.

“They deserved it! They were tearing us apart.”

“No one deserves to die Harry. W-who the hell are you anyway? It’s like our whole relationship has been a lie—- you know what. Better yet, there is no us.” Louis started for the door when he was pulled back roughly by his wrist.

“Louis, don’t be so brash.” Harry pouted as he held his grip tight on Louis wrist.

“Ow, Harry…you’re hurting me.” The smaller boy winced.

“You and I both know I can do a lot worse.” Harry’s eyes were black, the green not visible from his blown pupils.

“You get off on this don’t you? Hurting people.”

“All I’ve ever done is love you. You’re not going to back out on me just because I’ve gotten rid of some people that were going to destroy us.”

“You killed my best friend. I will never forgive you. There’s a place for people like you, it’s called hell.” Louis spat fiercely.

Louis closed his eyes tightly when the breath was knocked out of him as his back was pushed up against a wall.

“Louis, baby, you don’t mean that. You love me.”

“Loved. I will never love a monster like you.”

Louis words were muffled as rough lips were pressed into his. Louis squirmed and tried to turn away from the kiss but Harry had a hand on his throat.

“Remember when I asked you how much you loved me?” Harry asked, hands squeezing at Louis wind pipes.

Louis felt all the blood rush to his head as he tried to gasp for air.

“You said you loved me more then oxygen.” Harry stated lowly.

Louis blinked as his vision got blurry. He felt as if his head was about to explode. Harry’s tight grip at his throat was impossible for him to even breath.

With one last gasp, Louis blacked out.

I love you just a little too much

Louis opened his eyes, blinking as his eyesight adjusted to the dim lighting of the room.

Harry’s eyes perked up. “You’re awake!” He chirped.

Louis immediately freaked, he went to speak but noticed there was a gag on his mouth. A kinky toy they bought a while ago which they never used. When he went to flail his arms and legs he noticed they were tied up and down on the banister. Louis shook his head as he muffled a cry. The shock wore off and now it was fear. He looked at Harry with pleading eyes.

“Baby, don’t cry… Shh” Harry cooed rubbing a thumb on Louis teary cheek. Louis wasn’t even aware when he began to cry.

“You’ve been very bad. You threatened to break up with me. You can’t break up with me. You love me, and I love you.” Harry smiled as he peppered Louis neck with kisses. Louis flailed helplessly on the tight ropes as he turned his head away from Harry.

“Louis, come on’, stop playing with these games. They hurt my feelings.”

Louis shook his head, the color droned out of his face. Harry has killed people before, what was different now? Harry wouldn’t kill him, would he? Louis thoughts were stopped when he felt Harry’s smooth slick tongue lick him.

He shuddered because he was being touched by a monster, but the arousal appeared. Louis didn’t even know he was naked till he felt his dick twitch.

“See, you still love me.” Harry purred. Louis shook his head a furious no. It was just the feeling, the chemistry that his body reacted to the sexual touches.

Louis couldn’t stop the moan the rippled through his throat. Harry, of course knew all his weaknesses. Being rimmed was one of his sexual ones. It was just such a turn on for him. Even though right now he shouldn’t be getting hard, because this was an extremely bad time to be getting like that. This was Harry. The same guy he met at a bar one night. The same guy he fell in love with after two months of being together. The same guy that’s killed more then one person.

“I love your cock baby.” Harry purred as he placed wet kisses on Louis thigh, large hands stroking Louis slightly limp dick fully hard.

Louis shook his head no, many times. Even tried screaming but nothing worked, not even the flailing. He was stuck tied down with Harry touching him. Making him come once by just his hands, then twice with his tongue and fingers. Louis has never came more then twice ever so when he saw Harry hover over him, he freaked shaking his head desperately no.

“Lou, you gotta be fair. I wanna’ fuck you too baby. Show you how much I love you. Stop crying will you? You’re so beautiful, I hate seeing tears on your face.”

Louis winced when he felt Harry slip into him.

“I said stop moving!” Harry growled, pining his arms down on the mattress, not like he could move a lot to begin with.

Harry kissed Louis cheek, softly as if he meant the world to him; which he did.

“You’re pupils are huge, it means you’re enjoying this. You can say you don’t love me because I did some ‘horrible’ things in your eyes. If only you knew I had to do them.” Harry began, soft kisses to his collar bone made another, slightly higher pitch, moan leave his mouth.

“Louis, I love you so much. Why can’t you see that? I just want to protect you from people who are going to tear us apart.”

Louis shook his head, knowing that after that young boy; Liam, was killed it was at least three month into their relationship. How many people has Harry truly killed? Louis wondered.

“I love you so much; we’re going to be so happy when we’re older. Mr. Louis and Harry Tomlinson.” Harry started with a slow rhythm. Louis flailed his legs and shook his head as he rippled stifling screams through the gag.

“It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” Harry laughed when he realized Louis couldn’t respond back.

When this thrust became harder was when Louis broke down into sobs. Cry’s that wailed as loud as they could with the gag in his mouth through the apartment. The tears kept rolling down his cheeks as Harry bit, scratched and claimed Louis as his. Sucking dark marks into his skin. Harry gave up on telling Louis to stop crying.

He was fucking him hard and rough into the bed, the way Louis liked it. Louis had to like it because he came for a third time that night. Harry following after as he spilled deep into the boy.

Louis shook his head in disgust as his throat burned with another pleading scream that couldn’t be heard.

He was worn out and wanted to be away from Harry. When he felt plush lips around his prick was when he noticed Harry was trying to make him come for a fourth time. Louis couldn’t it. His stomach ached and he had like no come left to even orgasm too.

Harry got him hard regardless, even with the softness of his mouth it still hurt like hell, but felt awfully good at the same time. Louis wished his body would stop tricking him. He shouldn’t be hard in Harry’s mouth but he was. His cock was flushed red and strained as Louis choked on his dying sobs.

Harry massaged Louis balls with one of his hands as he held Louis thigh down which kept trying to hit him in the face. It was fast when Louis came again, down Harry’s throat. It was barely any come and his legs and stomach ached as they stopped from their orgasmic shudder.

Harry smiled as he gulped Louis come down, licking at Louis stomach.

“After tonight, you’re going to have to think about what you’ve done and said to me and apologize baby. I’ll forgive you, because I love you.”

It was the fifth time that Louis came when he blacked out from exhaustion. Harry decided that he needed to come too, and got Louis painfully hard again. He rode Louis like he never had before. Erratically and hard. Louis couldn’t stop the moans the lifted out of his throat, it felt good, but he was so exhausted. He could barely breath.

“I love you so much.” Was the last thing he heard after Louis blacked out, spilling inside of Harry.


Niall held Louis close as Louis sobbed into his shoulder.

“I could be dead…” Louis whimpered.

“I can’t believe it. If you didn’t text me saying to call the cops if you didn’t show up to my house, I would have never known.” Niall closed his eyes when he heard Harry yelling into the police squad from outside.

“I love you Louis Tomlinson!” Harry shouted, which was heard from five stories up from their flat.

A group of officers tore down the door and quickly got Harry into handcuffs. They found Louis tied down to the bed, with the gag still in his mouth. It was when he noticed he had a blanket wrapped around him and a familiar and unfamiliar noise talk to him.

“N-Niall?” Louis had asked, when he saw the familiar Irish boy. Niall nodded and pulled Louis into a hug.

“You’re okay.” The officer offered a smile to Louis.

“Harry. Where’s Harry?” Louis asked fearfull.

“Being taken down right now. He didn’t go down with out a fight, but he’s gone. You’re safe.”

Louis had told the cops about Harry’s flat and they said they would look into it. Harry was currently being charged for rape, and the other unsolved murders would come too if what Louis was saying was true, which it was.

“I’m sorry. I—- If I never met him, Zayn would still have been here.” Louis cried into the Irish boys shoulder.

“Lou, I’m not going to say ‘it’s okay’, cause it honestly isn’t. But this isn’t your fault. He’s screwed up in the head.” Niall placed a soft kiss on top of Louis head. “You’re safe now, Lou. He won’t get to you ever again. To any of us.”


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